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Ordos 100 Villa - Luca Selva Architects

September 30th, 2008

Here’s another building for the Ordos 100 project in Inner Mongolia in China, this time designed by Luca Selva Architects of Switzerland.


The house is one of 100 private residences, all designed by different architects selected by Herzog & de Meuron for the project, which is masterplanned by artist Ai Wei Wei. See the home design by Estudio Barozzi Veiga for Ordos 100 in our earlier story.


The following text is by Luca Selva Architects:

ORDOS 100 / Luca Selva Architects, Basle, Switzerland
Phase1 / Plot 5 / ID 082
Short Text

How to build in China?
To build like in Europe or is there to look after specific topics?
And how is to develop a specific architecture?


Referring to these questions the issue for Luca Selva Architects was to work on a strategy for a specific building for China, for Inner Mongolia, for Ordos and for precisely this specific place on the plot of the Master-Plan.


The design-operation was to transform specific landscape beneath the plot in architecture, little lakes and ponds will be transformed into courtyards, dunes into spaces, topography into stores.


This design-strategy points out a specific building closely related to the site. A specific villa with a specific shape, specific spaces and a specific shell in bricks. The villa is landscape transformed into architecture.


On the ground floor are located the ‚enfilade’ of representative spaces and the pool, structured by different transparencies of the courtyards, which bring a soft daylight into the interior spaces.


On the upper floor are situated the master bedroom, five further bedrooms included bathrooms and a library on the gallery, which relates again by a double-high space the entrance with the upper floor.


The construction is made of a specific skin with grey bricks and an inner concrete frame-structure with red bricks as fillings.



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